Giving back to nature

December 8, 2012


This morning, I had a great time at National Parks (NParks)’ annual Volunteers Appreciation Day.

NParks has 800 volunteers who play a vital role in helping us achieve our City in a Garden vision.  All are passionate about greenery and nature.  They are involved in a variety of activities – as guides in our parks and nature reserves, as educators who conduct workshops for the public on an array of greenery-related topics and as helpers to carry out conservation activities like biodiversity surveys and forest patrols.

Age holds no barrier for NParks’ volunteers.

Nine-year-old Suryanni and 84-year-old Mdm Kwoh Toh are both actively involved in an award-winning community garden.  Through their participation in gardening roadshows, they also engage others to learn more about gardening.NParks

Ms Heng Pei Yan – a teacher– participated in the Comprehensive Marine Biodiversity Survey early this year.  Despite the risk of getting stung by marine organisms and having to trudge through knee-deep mud, she was undeterred and gamely participated in the survey simply because of her passion for nature.

Kudos to all our volunteers!  Thanks to every one of them for their commitment and dedication to enhancing our greenery and giving back to the community.

We welcome more to come and join us in this endeavor to make Singapore a City in a Garden.  Just call NParks whenever nature beckons.

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