It’s like Spring is in the air

January 23, 2013

flowerIt is flowering times in Singapore.

A Talipot Palm in the Botanic Gardens flowered.  It is the first and will be the last bloom for this palm tree as Talipot palm flowers only once and dies soon after its flowers turn to fruits.  This unusual phenomenon has attracted many visitors to the Gardens.

But it’s not only the Talipot Palm that has bloomed.  Others too.

Two Tiger Orchids are currently flowering inside the National Orchid Garden.  This is also unusual as Tiger Orchids have unpredictable blooming patterns, and to see one in bloom is already a rare treat.

One is near the Cool House and the other is at the Heritage Garden.  The former is in fact flowering for the first time!  With flowers that can measure up to 10cm, the Tiger Orchid is the largest orchid in the world. These orchids are expected to remain in bloom until March.

Another plant that is flowering in the Botanic Gardens is a climber called Red Jade Vine. Located at the Plant House; the plant was introduced to the Gardens way back in 1939. It has unique claw-shaped flowers that are a vibrant orangey-red, and each bunch of flowers can grow up to 30cm.

This is the most massive flowering recorded so far.

The plants in the Gardens by the Bay are responding to the competition.

Camellias in both Conservatories are blooming, ready to usher in the Lunar New Year. There are more than 70 Camellia trees and shrubs.  The oldest is  about 500 years old and yes, it is flowering too!

For plants, fertility seems to know no age limit.  We have olive trees in the Gardens which are more than 1,000 years old.  Once they get used to  the conditions, we may see them flower and fruit too?

Meanwhile, the pretty hues of red, pink and white flowers are perfect for the Lunar New Year.  Give yourself a visual treat, won’t you?

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