Park Connector Network Turns 25

park connector network

In 1992, then Minister for National Development Mr Dhanabalan planted a Tembusu tree at Kallang Park Connector.  The event marked the birth of our Park Connector Network (PCN).

The Kallang Park Connector became the first of a nation-wide network of over 70 Park Connectors linking up all our major parks, coastal areas and activity nodes. PCN allows us to discover our city – the lush greenery and diverse flora and fauna that exist among us – in a fun way.  We are “the wild city”, as Sir David Attenborough put it in a recent TV documentary.

Our park connectors have become well-loved green spaces. Volunteers have been organising guided rides and cycle-in movies to liven up the PCN. Cycling group LoveCycling SG has bicycle maintenance workshops and cycling sessions. PCN advocates like Mr Han Jok Kwang have provided many suggestions to improve the PCN, and initiated fund-raising activities to support these improvements.  He described his initiatives as good old kampung “gotong royong”.


It is heartening that the community has developed a strong sense of ownership towards the PCN!  Because the PCN is a great idea, successive MND Ministers have embraced and enhanced it.  In the past 4 years, we have extended the PCN by 120 km, from 180 km to 300 km! Just now, we launched and added the Central Urban Loop to the PCN. This loop of 36 km passes through charming Bishan, Kallang, Hougang and Punggol.

At 25, the PCN is still growing strong.  In the next three years, an additional 30km of Park Connectors will be completed in Ang Mo Kio, Lorong Halus, and Ulu Pandan. I cycle regularly and aim to cycle every km of it.  Happily, I see the goal post being shifted, as I am about to reach it. 🙂

Come enjoy our PCN and discover our beautiful City in a Garden.

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