Our Tree Doctors

Today, our roads and parks are lined by a total of 1.5 million trees.

That is a lot of trees! And they need to be looked after. This is where NParks’ team of arborists come in. Just like how doctors maintain case files of all their patients, our arborists keep detailed records of all the trees under their care.

Every tree is tagged and has an ID number. Our tree doctors will inspect the trees for any symptoms of disease or defects at its base, trunk and canopy. In some cases, advanced tree diagnostic instruments, such as the sonic tomograph and resistograph are applied to assist in the inspection to help detect internal defects and changes in wood density.

But how do they check the roots underground? An excavation tool, called the ‘air-spade” is used to produce a stream of compressed air to remove soil without damaging the roots. Air spades are also be used to loosen the soil around trees to rejuvenate them, especially mature trees growing in urbanised, compacted areas.

To enhance productivity, NParks is rolling out the use of computer tablets for tree inspections. The tablets will allow officers to update the database in real-time from field sites, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of operations.

Strong, healthy trees keep our City in a Garden safe for our people. We have our tree doctors to thank.

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