Taste of Home

Food is central to Singapore’s culture, and indeed, the variety of local delicacies have come to represent the multicultural fabric of our way of life.

This month, the Restaurant Association of Singapore is organising its first-ever ‘Singapore Restaurant Month’. The campaign will run till Aug 10 during which 50 local restaurants will serve 50 new recipes. It is a good SG50 event and AVA lends its full support.

I particularly note that the 50 new recipes will incorporate the use of locally farmed produce such as leafy vegetables, eggs and fish. In doing so, we hope to raise the awareness and demand for locally farmed produce in restaurateurs and consumers.

Locally farmed produce is fresher and more nutritious. A thriving local agricultural sector also helps build Singapore’s food security.


‘Singapore Cityscape’ is one such creative dish. It is a fitting culinary tribute to our present cityscape with a vibrant food culture.

Do enjoy the campaign and visit the participating restaurants: www.singaporerestaurantmonth.com. Bon Appétit!

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