It is confirmed! We have a World Heritage Site in our midst


Our Singapore Botanic Gardens has now joined the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew as an UNESCO’s World Heritage Site.  Though widely expected, the decision still came as a great gift for SG50.

There are many things special about Singapore Botanic Gardens. First, it is the best preserved example of tropical colonial botanic gardens, laid out in the English Landscape style. Second, the Burkill Hall is believed to be the only surviving example of an Anglo-Malay plantation-style house in the region. Third, the Gardens house more than 1,200 species of orchids and 2,000 hybrids – the largest collection in the world.

But what make the Gardens endearing are the people, who inject energy and soul into the place. The Gardens is well-loved and close to the hearts of many Singaporeans – the elderly who practices taichi every morning near the Swan Lake; young couples enjoying the cool shade under the Burmese Banyan tree; friends watching a performance under the stars at the Bandstand; and nature enthusiasts marvelling at the rare specimens of ancient giant Dipterocarp trees in the Gardens’ primary rainforest.


After all these years, couples still take their wedding photos at the Gardens and their children still play on the lawn by the Tembusu tree.

Indeed, each of us has memories tied to the rich history of the Gardens. The Gardens draws more than 4.4 million visitors annually, making it the most-visited botanic garden in the world.

We have lined up a series of activities for the public to learn more about our first World Heritage Site during the Jubilee Weekend. Come take a look!

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