Knowing Our Customers

Knowing Our Customers

HDB builds not just flats for Singaporeans, but a home and a community for all. A happy HDB town makes a happy Singapore. We take our responsibility seriously. Every 5 years, HDB conducts a Sample Household Survey (SHS), via face-to-face interviews with HDB residents, to gather feedback from them. This way, we get to identify any emerging trend which may arise since the last survey.

We are particularly keen to know if our residents are satisfied with their precincts, are able to live close to their relatives, and are finding the community spirit strong.

For the latest survey, HDB interviewed 8,000 households from Jan to Aug 2013. This is the 10th in the series as the first SHS was done more than 40 years ago in 1968.

In the early years, the SHS focused on Singaporeans’ acceptance of satellite towns and neighbourhoods. In the 1990s, the SHS focused on estate renewal and social cohesion issues. In recent years, the SHS studied the increasing social diversity among HDB residents.

The survey results enable us to better understand our customers’ changing needs and expectations. They provide useful information for our policy reviews and subsequent improvements to town design.

For example, the latest survey assessed the well-being of elderly residents and noted their strong desire to age-in-place. We will work harder to cater to such needs. We will also have to do more to familiarise them with the various monetisation options, such as the Lease Buyback Scheme and Silver Housing Bonus.

The SHS is a laborious exercise but is important as the insights can help refine our housing programmes. HDB is a shining part of the Singapore Story. As we celebrate SG50, we intend the HDB to remain an outstanding chapter in the continuing Singapore Story.


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