HDB Shops Play Important Social Role

One great advantage of HDB living is the convenient access to shops within each precinct.  Beyond convenience, one must not underestimate the importance of the close-knit relationships many HDB shopkeepers have built with the residents over the years.  This social glue is hard to measure but we all know it to be important.  A smile and a greeting as you leave for your office early in the morning can brighten your day.  An acknowledgement and an expression of concern when you return home from a busy day can blow away any office blues.

That is why we continue to build HDB precincts with a good range of HDB shops, in order to complete an endearing HDB home experience.  We also conduct annual surveys on HDB shopkeepers as their perceptions and feedback can help us in our planning and management of HDB towns.

The 2013 survey is now ready.  The results of the survey continue to be encouraging.  61% of shopkeepers expressed satisfaction with their current businesses.  This was comparable to 2012 and higher than the years before.

Not surprisingly, established businesses and those located in high human traffic precincts were most satisfied.  These included restaurants, fast food operators, medical and dental clinics, and childcare/education centres.

What was also encouraging was that 35% of shopkeepers expected their businesses to improve within the next six months.  This figure is the highest since HDB began the survey in 2002.

The proportion of shopkeepers who intend to continue with their present business in the next five years also rose 10 percentage points to 84%, the highest level since 2007.

A satisfied HDB shopkeeper often means a satisfied customer base, in an endearing precinct.  HDB will do its best to help ensure that this social glue remains intact and effective.

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