An Endearing, Green, Walkable and Connected Civic District


Our Civic District is full of history, memories, monuments and beauties. Over the years, huge assets have been assembled there, but their full potential is not being realised.

After much consultation and reflection, we now have a clear plan to stitch the assets together, in one synergistic whole, to create an integrated arts, culture and lifestyle precinct around the Padang. It will provide a green, safe and walkable park environment.

Works have started, and the bulk of it will be completed next year, as our SG50 gift to Singaporeans.

It will enhance considerably the visitors’ experience to the Asian Civilisations Museum, Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall, the National Gallery, the Padang and the Esplanade Park. It will also create new spaces for more community activities.

Empress Place

Empress Place will be paved over to give priority to pedestrians and to integrate the Asian Civilisations Museum and the Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall into a seamless park, with opportunities for a variety of outdoor events, such as concerts.


St Andrew’s Road and Connaught Drive

A spacious walkway will be introduced along St. Andrew’s Road, in front of the National Gallery while one side of Anderson Bridge will be converted to a pedestrian footpath. Connaught Drive will be converted to a two-way street, and the existing car and coach parking lots removed.


Stepped Plazas

Stepped plazas will be created at Queen Elizabeth Walk and in front of the Asian Civilisations Museum. They will allow visitors to sit and enjoy the waterfront views and river activities.


These and many more Civic District enhancements were first unveiled during the Draft Master Plan 2013 exhibition. They received very good response from the public.

We will now put ideas into reality and further elevate our Civic District as a premier arts and cultural hub, for all Singaporeans to enjoy.

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