More Help for Newlyweds

Helping young couples set up their first home so that they can start their family early is our top priority in MND.  We started the Parenthood Provisional Housing Scheme (PPHS) last year to provide such couples with affordable temporary housing while waiting for their BTO flat which is being built.  This is a good scheme which has been well received.

Mr and Mrs Heng Wang Xing are amongst the early beneficiaries.  Early this year, they moved into a PPHS flat in Bedok, near Mr Heng’s parents.  The best news is: they had a baby boy in August!  Congratulations!

In fact, 110 babies have been born in PPHS flats so far.  Not bad at all.

Let us do more.

First, we are increasing the supply of PPHS flats.  To the current supply of 1,150 PPHS flats, we will add another 800 flats, mainly 3-room flats, including in Bukit Merah and Queenstown.  HDB is retrofitting them and will roll them out from early next year.

Second, we will let couples co-rent and co-pay for the PPHS flat to reduce their rental expense.  This will be useful for those who feel that they do not need a whole flat, especially if it is 4- or 5-room.  The few vacant PPHS flats are of this type.  New applicants and existing tenants can opt for this from tomorrow.

I am glad to see that our housing policies are delivering results, and babies 🙂

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