Lifts for cars too

Lifts for cars too

We try to meet the demand for car parking in HDB towns. Given rising car population, we have increased the norm for car park provision in new precincts. But in existing precincts, meeting the new norm will require us to build new car park lots. This is sometimes not possible for lack of available land.

One solution is to build mechanised parking systems or MPS, as it takes up less land than conventional car parks. Our GPC MPs led by Er Dr Lee Bee Wah suggested it, before a joint study visit to Japan and South Korea with HDB staff.

Minister Khaw at Commencement CeremonyMPS is not new in Singapore: several private condos and hotels have it. But it will be new in a HDB town. We decided to pilot it in Bukit Panjang, Changi Village and Yishun. These pilot sites were selected due to their high parking demand and severe site constraints. We announced this initiative last year.

The plans for MPS are progressing well. I have just launched the commencement ceremony with Mayor Dr Teo Ho Pin at his Bukit Panjang site. Construction will start next week. The new MPS, with 60 car park lots, should be up and running before the end of next year. The residents there will get much-needed relief to their parking situation.

Below are some artists’ impressions of what the MPS car parks at the three sites will look like.


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