Run free at Sembawang

Some of my residents living in the north have asked me for a dog run.  There are now 5 in Singapore. The nearest is at Bishan-AMK Park where my pets have had a great time occasionally.

They will be happy to note that this coming Sunday morning, I will be launching the sixth dog run at Sembawang Park!

It will have 2,700m² of space for the dogs to run free, and get the necessary exercise. I am sure it will be popular with our residents and their dogs.

While we have fun with our dogs, we must be considerate towards other park visitors.  Some may be fearful of animals.

Three simple steps will avoid accidents and unpleasantness:

– please clean up after our dogs;

– leash them when outside the dog run; and

– be extra mindful when children or babies get too close to our dogs.

This will go a long way to make our shared public spaces enjoyable for all.

There will be a pets carnival to accompany the launch, with many exciting activities: a hamster race, a dog obedience demonstration, and free pet health screening. More information can be found here: Sembawang Our Home.

My pet dogs will be joining in.  Do come and join us too 🙂

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