Make our SUN work harder

In Singapore, HDB has the most experience with solar (photovoltaic, PV) panels and has the largest installation.

There are now 176 HDB blocks with solar panels and the number is growing.  Next year, it will be 300 blocks.  They help to power common services such as lifts and corridor lighting.  It is clean energy and helps Town Councils offset rising energy costs.

Being the largest, HDB is also taking on the role of helping other government agencies harness solar energy.   This way, we help to expand the use of solar panels beyond HDB blocks.

These agencies ride on HDB’s bulk tenders for solar panels, and enjoy lower costs due to economies of scale. This way we accelerate solar deployment in Singapore through aggregating solar demand across government agencies.

The first demand aggregation tender will be called next year. MINDEF has expressed interest to install solar panels on the rooftops of their camps. MOE is also looking into using the rooftops of schools.

Overall, Singapore plans to raise the adoption of solar energy to 350MWp by 2020. HDB’s contribution will amount to 220MWp, involving solar PV panels at some 5,500 HDB blocks. This could generate enough electricity to provide for common services and households in a town the size of Woodlands!

And this would mean a cleaner and greener Singapore — for our children and the generations to come.

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