Re-imagining Jurong

Singapore’s industrialisation journey began in Jurong.  But we have come a long way since.  While some old factories remain in some parts of Jurong, it has largely been transformed.

Last night, PM’s ND Rally explained that Jurong’s transformation would be even more exciting going forward.

Since 2008, Jurong has made steady progress to be our largest regional centre, outside of the city.  J-Cube, JEM, Westgate and the Devan Nair Institute for Employment and Employability, are just some developments which have been completed in recent years.  Many more are just round the corner: Ng Teng Fong Hospital, Jurong Community Hospital and Big Box. They have injected vibrancy, jobs, and amenities for the 1 million residents who live in the west of Singapore.

Pop over on a weekend and the buzz is overwhelming.  Indeed, Jurong East is fast emerging as a great place to live, work and play.

And as PM shared, more is in store.

NParks will masterplan and develop the Jurong Lake Gardens* into an endearing garden for the community.  Spanning over 70 ha, the Jurong Lake Gardens will integrate Jurong Lake Park, the Chinese Garden and the Japanese Garden. It will offer residents in Jurong and all Singaporeans access to another beautiful green space for leisure and recreation.

So you can imagine and look forward to a place where communities can come together from all over Singapore to co-create and maintain show gardens with the experts.

Families can unwind amidst Nature where biodiversity thrives, and yet buzzing with programmes!

And the jewel in Jurong will be the new Science Centre.  We will make it fun, educational and spectacular, in keeping with changing times and our achievements over the decades.

Its location will enable NParks to integrate the future Science Centre with the new Gardens, combining themes such as science, technology and horticulture in a uniquely Singaporean way.

There are many other exciting plans, including major improvements to the transportation networks.  All these will take years to realise. We shall stage the implementation.

Residents can start enjoying the Gardens as early as 2017 when Jurong Lake Destination Park is completed.  Heritage elements at the Chinese and Japanese Garden will be retained but refreshed as part of Jurong Lake Gardens.

Most important of all, this is your garden and we want to hear from you. NParks will be seeking ideas on how we can develop the garden. Do share your ideas with us.

* All visuals used are artist impressions of the upcoming Gardens.

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