Keeping Families Closer Together

Keeping Families Closer Together

This morning, I witnessed the handover to HDB of the Compassvale Ancilla precinct, a BTO project in Sengkang. This project comprises over 1,000 units, from Studio Apartments (SAs) to 5-room flats.

This event marks the completion of 14,000 new flats so far this year. Another 14,000 new flats are on track to be completed in the next 6 months. This will be in line with our promise of building 28,000 new flats in 2014.

I visited Mr and Mrs Kang who have just moved into their SA earlier this week. They were previously living with one of their children in Sengkang. They bought an SA for greater independence and privacy. But with 3 of their children also living in Sengkang, their family remain physically close by, for mutual support and bonding. This has been an ideal arrangement for them. The Married Child Priority Scheme (MCPS) has made this easier for Mr and Mrs Kang, as it doubled their chances in the BTO ballot.

Besides MCPS, we also offer the Studio Apartment Priority Scheme (SAPS), where 50% of SAs are reserved for seniors applying for one near their current home or married children. There is also the Multi-Generation Priority Scheme (MGPS), which allows parents and married child to book a flat each in the same BTO project.

Through these priority schemes, as well as the integration of SAs with other flat types, we have been able to facilitate multi-generational living – helping young couples and their parents live together or near each other.

Indeed, this has been a running theme at MND’s ongoing Housing Conversations.

Most of the couples in the conversations expressed a strong preference to live in the same town or neighbourhood as their parents, if they do not live together. Our job is to help them realise their wish.

This evening, the Housing Conversation continues and I look forward to hearing more views and suggestions.

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