URA has a Landscaping for Urban Spaces and High Rises ( LUSH) programme to encourage skyrise greenery. The programme provides incentives for building owners and developers to provide well-planted communal green spaces at both ground and upper levels of buildings. These include sky terraces and roof gardens.

In areas like Marina Bay and Jurong Gateway, we have taken greening a step further. There, URA mandates developers to replace the greenery they have displaced with green communal spaces at least equivalent to the land area of the development, a 100% replacement.

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The green message is spreading.

In the last two years, more than half of eligible residential developments have applied for LUSH incentive. Shopping malls, officesPic 2 and hotels have also joined in, with more than one-third taking up these LUSH incentives.

The new Westgate at Jurong Gateway, with its lush vertical greenery, sky terraces and roof gardens, is a good example of a LUSH recipient.

To-date, LUSH has supported the development of 40ha of new high-rise and urban greenery, equivalent to the size of 130 primary school fields.

We are pleased with what LUSH has accomplished and have decided to do more, through additional incentives and regulations. Our aim is to make Singapore a great garden, and a great home. URA will announce details shortly.

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