Please check your windows and save lives


Please check your windows and save lives

In the first 5 months of this year, Building and Construction Authority’s (BCA) records show that there were 27 cases of fallen windows.  While there were no injuries, we were simply lucky.  The next case of fallen window may not be so.

Cases of fallen windowsWindows fall because of wear and tear, and lack of proper maintenance. This is why we need our homeowners to check their windows, at least twice every year.  To make it easier to remember, we mark window safety days on 6/6, and 12/12 (June 6 and Dec 12).

Please do so on June 6.

Checking and cleaning the windows is fast and easy.  You can do it with 3 simple steps.  It will take less than five minutes.

Please visit BCA website or HDB website to learn more about window safety and window maintenance tips.

It may just save a life.

 3 steps to safer windows

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