Modern Kampung with Good Old Community Spirit

Modern Kampung with Good Old Community Spirit

We want to keep the old kampung spirit alive in the HDB heartlands. Often, this is borne out of simple gestures – like sharing your home-cooked dishes, or extending a helping hand to a neighbour in need.

This thus formed the basis of the “Good Neighbours Project” rolled out by HDB, to encourage residents to come up with creative ideas on how to better bring their neighbours together.

And the response has been great, with 78 project proposals received. 35 projects have been implemented – 20 by students and 15 by residents.

One idea, by four neighbours, arose from a shared concern for health matters. Together, Mr Daryl Tan, Mr Lynn Tuan Ming, Mr Teng Tat Wee and Ms Priscilla Wee organised two Health Awareness Days for their neighbours in Tampines, held at the void deck. Besides learning more about fitness and healthy eating, residents also got to know other neighbours in the process of exchanging health tips.

Another idea came from our young dwellers. Ten students from Chong Zheng Primary School put together an entertaining skit on how neighbours can resolve squabbles amicably. Disagreements may sometimes be hard to avoid, but good neighbourliness can help to minimise this.

All 35 Good Neighbours Projects will be featured at the HDB Community Week. This will take place at the HDB Hub, from this weekend. I hope to see you and your neighbours there!

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