Working Round the Clock to Ensure Safety

Working Round the Clock to Ensure Safety

articleIn February, a 70-ton aircraft tow truck accidentally drove into and dislodged a column supporting a section of Changi Airport Terminal 2’s transit hall. This is potentially dangerous. After closing off that section of the building, officers from the Building & Construction Authority (BCA) and Changi Airport Group (CAG) swung into action immediately. We could not afford to waste time, as public safety is mission critical.

For 48 hours, BCA officers worked round the clock with CAG to restore the building’s structural integrity. Mr Ong Chan Leng, a Professional and Chartered Engineer from BCA, led the on-site team.

In parallel, back at HQ, another team of BCA officers worked non-stop to retrieve building plans and records from their archives. This provided important support for on-site engineers so that they could make accurate assessment of the extent of the damage and the risk to safety.

The shoring work was complicated and tedious because of the high ceiling height and space constraint. The damaged column had to be removed and a new column, reconstructed.

Going forward, CAG is reviewing additional mitigating measures to be put in place in all our 3 airport terminals. We must try to prevent a repeat of this incident.

Public safety is of utmost importance. I am glad that when the unexpected happens, our officers are able to rise to the occasion. The good teamwork between BCA and CAG is also commendable.

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