Thrill without Tears

Thrill without Tears

There are about 80 amusement rides in Singapore. Adrenaline seekers have many exciting options from indoor skydiving to reverse bungee jumping. Last year, a new water ride called the Torpedo at Wild Wild Wet was unveiled to the public.

BCA officer doing maintenance checksPublic safety is however paramount. In Singapore, BCA regulates amusement ride safety, through the Amusement Rides Safety Act. The regulation covers installation, operation, modification, maintenance and repair of amusement rides. Prior to the opening of each ride, BCA engineers work with the operator to ensure that the ride complies with the safety standards imposed by us. BCA conducts surprise inspection audits, or “mystery shopper” inspections. Spot checks on operators’ daily maintenance routine are also conducted.

Safety regulations are not static. They have to evolve to meet new safety standards, respond to new incidents and keep pace with introduction of new rides. For example, water-walking ball operators can now operate in pools with water depths of up to 1.2 metres, but with additional safety measures, such as having a lifeguard on duty.

Rides need to comply with regulations in BCA's Amusement Rides Safety ActMost recently, BCA completed a review to further improve safety standards and the revised regulations came into operation on 1 April 2014.

With this latest round of amendments, amusement rides at private clubs and private residential estates are now included and regulated under the Amusement Rides Safety Act.

We will stay updated with best industry standards and latest safety technologies. Thrill seekers should also play their part by following safety guidelines.

Together, we can enjoy thrills and still stay safe.

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