To the Farmers’ Market

to the farmers market

We now have hundreds of community gardens, where volunteers bond and take part in a meaningful hobby. I told AVA that we should help those community gardens which want to increase the yield or “professionalise” their hobby through injecting our expertise. They have proceeded to do so in Woodlands, helping the volunteers upgrade their community gardens into “model vegetable gardens”.

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Much to the delight of the volunteers, these vegetable gardens have been showing astonishing results. Every 4 to 6 weeks, there is so much harvest that the residents have been able to share them with needy families.

Tomorrow, they will take it one step further. They will conduct a Community Farmers Market in Woodlands and will have some 250 kg of the harvest to sell, with proceeds going to Man Fut Tong Nursing Home.

Photo 2This market will bring together the community gardeners in my GRC, to market their produce for a charitable cause.

Our little ones do not want to be left out, in this urban farming movement. Tiny gardeners from my PCF at Woodlands have also been growing their own vegetables. They too will hawk their harvests tomorrow.

We have successfully extended community gardening to the young to nurture a new generation of “green thumbs”. Over the last two months, the children have been tending to their own “Kinder-Garden”.

With the help from AVA officers, our enthusiastic pre-schoolers learn how to sow seeds in plastic cups, watch them grow into seedlings, before putting them out for outdoor planting. This has allowed our teachers to conduct outdoor lessons on seedling transplant, fertilising, weeding and harvesting. Their proud harvests will include Xiao Bai Cai, Nai Bai, Kang Kong and Bayam.

Come join us at the Farmers’ Market tomorrow!

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