Improving Access to Planning Information

Improving Access to Planning Information

If you wish to buy or lease a property, you will want to know more about the property, e.g. the approved use and storey height of the building, whether it has been approved for major renovation works in the past, and the approved use of the surrounding properties.

Currently, members of public and professionals can search for such information including general planning decisions via URA’s online database. Last year, there were more than 20,000 searches. However, retrieving the information via this database is manual and can be quite cumbersome.

To simplify this process and make data more accessible to the public, URA has tapped on the Geographic Information System (GIS) technology to launch a new map-based application. Users only need to click on a building or type in an address. The URA records on the site will show relevant decisions on any new building erection, addition and alteration of structures, change of use, and land or building subdivision.

With this new self-help online register, users will get the data they need anytime, and anywhere.

What’s more, URA is making it free for everyone.

In the past, a $30 processing fee will apply for downloading the detailed records of decision notices for development applications. From today, users will no longer have to pay this fee to retrieve these detailed records.

The URA will continue to tap on technology to make information more accessible to the public. GIS technology is already used to provide information on the property market and conserved buildings. We intend to do the same for enquiries on Development Charge rates, soon.

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