Keeping Up With Modern Lifestyle

Keeping Up With Modern Lifestyle

Technology has transformed our lifestyles. The majority of homes today, quite unlike in the past, have mobile phones, tablets, PCs, TVs and air conditioning. These gadgets have raised our quality of life, but they have also pushed up electricity consumption in homes.

Switchboards before and after upgradingTo support the higher electricity consumption, newer HDB blocks are provided with 40 amps main switches. In comparison, HDB blocks built before 1990 were provided with 30 amps main switches. This was based on the prevailing standard specification.

Since 1995, HDB has been carrying out electrical upgrading works to bring these old blocks on par with the newer ones. They provide a higher electrical loading and thus, minimise electrical power trips.

Nearly 2,400 blocks have been upgraded so far, at a cost of nearly $1 billion, fully borne by HDB.

Laying of service cables and new electrical substation at Bedok NorthElectrical upgrading is costly as the works are extensive and involve building new infrastructure such as electrical substations and laying higher capacity underground cables. To minimise inconvenience to residents, the works are carried out in tandem with other upgrading programmes and implemented progressively across Singapore.

Our work is not yet finished, as another 4,000 blocks have yet to be upgraded. But they will be in due course.

To find out if your block has been upgraded to a higher electrical loading, you may check the HDB InfoWEB.


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