Eco-Friendly Lifestyle in HDB Towns

Eco-Friendly Lifestyle in HDB Towns

HDB’s Treelodge@Punggol is our first eco-precinct. Singaporeans take to it enthusiastically. Many residents and visitors appreciate the eco-friendly lifestyle it provides.

This successful experiment has given us the confidence to extend the eco-features to all future HDB housing projects. Our vision is for all new HDB towns to be clean, green, and healthy.

We are not alone. Many cities like Copenhagen and Amsterdam are also champions of green and sustainable living. Their residents cycle to work, tap on renewable sources of energy, recycle and actively look for new and clean sources of water. They embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle.

My sense is that Singaporeans, given proper support, can embrace such a lifestyle too. Treelodge@Punggol gives me that confidence. Its centralised chutes for recyclables have collected three times the amount of recyclables compared to other HDB blocks. Energy-efficient features, such as LED lights with motion-sensor controls and re-generative lifts, have also lowered their electricity consumption.

Starting from today’s first BTO launch for the year, we will include a standard suite of eco-friendly features in all new HDB projects. The suite of eco-friendly features include (a) LED lighting with motion-sensors in common areas, (b) centralised chutes for recyclables, and (c) eco-pedestals in the bathrooms which recycle water for toilet flushing; among others. These features will manage water, energy and waste more efficiently.

In addition, we will provide covered bicycle parking lots and bicycle wheel guides in all new BTO projects. This is to encourage residents to cycle and adopt a green and healthy lifestyle.

Overall, we want to make going eco convenient, natural and intuitive for Singaporeans. This is our contribution to making Singapore greener, cleaner and healthier.

Key eco features in all future HDB developments

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