Clementi Reborn

Clementi Reborn

More commonly known as SERS, HDB’s Selective En bloc Redevelopment Scheme is one of its most popular estate rejuvenation programmes. Although it requires residents to relocate, nearly 9 in 10 SERS residents have consistently shown strong support for SERS. The latest HDB survey has reaffirmed this finding. The vast majority of SERS residents are happy with their new living environment.

Happy residents and students who painted murals togetherClementi is a good example of a town that has benefitted from SERS. The first SERS site in Clementi was announced in 1997 and over the past 16 years, some 2,800 households have moved into their new flats.

Today, Clementi flats are highly sought after. At the Town Centre is the new Clementi Mall, part of a mixed development project which houses shopping, dining, transport amenities as well as many residents from former SERS blocks in the vicinity. The mixed development project has won international awards including the international FIABCI Prix d’Excellence award, in recognition of its exemplary design and benefits it brings to the community.

SERS is not only about creating new hardware. We make a conscious effort to develop the heartware by keeping community ties strong. After all, many kids grew up together in HDB estates and have forged lifelong friendships. Through careful planning, SERS enable residents to continue to live near their neighbours in a better environment.

To help residents settle in, HDB and the People’s Association go the extra mile to organise welcome parties. At the welcome party for Casa Clementi, a SERS replacement site, residents came together to create their precinct’s very own murals, to rekindle old memories, renew friendships and forge new ones.

HDB’s survey of the Casa Clementi residents showed strong support for SERS (91%). 93% of the residents expressed satisfaction with their new facilities. The residents of Casa Clementi are amongst the 35,800 households that have benefitted from SERS.

As we rejuvenate other towns, residents’ community bonding will remain our priority so that residents will enjoy a better living environment in the modern kampong that belongs to them.

Casa Clementi residents of all ages doing their part to create their very own mural painting

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