3Gen Living

3Gen Living

At the suggestion of MP Lee Bee Wah, we introduced 3Gen flats to allow some multi-generation families who want to live together to realise their dream. As we were not sure of demand, we offered 84 units of such units in Yishun in the recent BTO. We also grouped them together with 260 units of 5-room flats so that applicants will have an alternative housing option (i.e. 5-room) if all the 84 units were taken up when their turn comes.

In total, HDB received 1,152 applications under this category. Among them, one-third (or 378) were from multi-generation families. In the past year, only 3% of 5-room flat applicants had applied for the Married Child Priority Scheme to live with their parents. The launch of 3Gen flats has clearly encouraged more to consider multi-generation living. This is a good sign.

There was also strong interest from second-timers. Among the 378 applications from multi-generation families, two-thirds were second timers upgrading to a larger flat to accommodate a growing family, as well as to live with their parents.

Of the first-timer multi-generation families, 6 in 10 are either expecting or have young children below age 16. Their median age is 39, higher than the previous median age of 30 for 5-room first-timer flat buyers. These families may be currently living with their parents, and can look forward to enjoying more space with a 3Gen flat. 1 in 10 of these first-timer households had no children. Their median age is naturally lower at 32. I am happy they are planning ahead to move into a larger flat to better take care of their ageing parents and future children.


As our population ages, family care and support will become increasingly important for the well-being of our seniors.  They also help to enrich family relations by sharing their experiences, and lending an extra hand in caring for their grandchildren. We should continue to facilitate multi-generation living for Singaporeans who wish to do so.

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