Mechanised Parking Coming to HDB Estates

Mechanised Parking Coming to HDB Estates

As car ownership increases, car park shortages become a problem in HDB estates. We have raised the norms for car park provision in new estates. For old estates, we are adding new car park lots where land is available. This is however not always possible.

GPC MPs have suggested that we build some mechanised car parks where land is limited and existing car parks are severely short. They even joined HDB to study such automated systems overseas. See how it works through this video.

As MPs on the ground, the GPC members are aware of the inconveniences caused to residents by localised parking shortages. I deeply appreciate their keen interest and offer of moral support and assistance.

The study is now complete and we have decided to try out some pilots in Bukit Panjang, Changi Village and Yishun, where there are severe parking shortages but there is no space to add more car park lots. The pilot will allow HDB to gauge public acceptance of the system.


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