Demand for 3Gen Flats and from Singles

Demand for 3Gen Flats and from Singles

Sept BTO will soon close.

It attracted about 300 applications from multi-generation families who are eligible to buy the 84 units of 3Gen flats offered. This is a good start to the new scheme.

Demand for 3Gen Flats and for Singles

We deliberately bundled 3Gen flats together with 5-room flats. This way, those who could not select a 3Gen flat will have the additional option of choosing a 5-room flat. Alternatively, they could wait for the Nov BTO which will include about 100 units of 3Gen flats in Jurong West.

In this Sept BTO, we have also rolled out another pro-family measure – the enhanced multi-generation priority scheme (MGPS). This allows the parents to apply for 3-room flats, in addition to a Studio Apartment or a 2-room flat. We have received very encouraging response from 42 pairs of MGPS applications. Among the MGPS applications, 9 out of 10 parents applied for a 3-room flat.

Demand for 3Gen Flats and for Singles

Meanwhile, demand from singles is as expected high. As at 5pm today, there were about 7,800 applications, compared to the 8,800 in the July BTO.

We will ramp up 2-room BTO supply in the non-mature estates to 5,000 units next year to address demand.

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