Meeting Singles’ BTO Demand

Meeting Singles' BTO Demand

In July, we broke new ground when we enabled singles to apply for new HDB flats. HDB has just completed the July BTO balloting process and successful applicants are being invited to select a flat.

There are over 220,000 single Singaporeans aged 35 and above. Most are living comfortably with their families in HDB flats or private properties. Not everyone would be eligible, or want to buy a flat. Even so, being the first BTO for them, the initial offer of 519 two-room HDB flats attracted about 8,800 singles.

We expect to see such huge oversubscription for many more BTO exercises. But we will work to address the demand.

First, I have asked HDB to put for sale later this month all its balance 2-room flats in the non-mature estates from previous BTO exercises. This will add 1,100 flats to the Sep BTO launch of about 190 units. This is more than double the total number launched in July.

Second, in November we will launch another 450 BTO units. In total, we will launch about 2,500 2-room flats in the non-mature estates this year.

Third, we have altered the design and layout of the BTO flats for next year. This will allow us to ramp up 2-room BTO supply in the non-mature estates to 5,000 units next year. This is about two times the supply of 2-room flats this year.

This will enable more singles to realise their dreams of owning their homes.

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