Our Partnership Continues

Our Partnership Continues

Today, MND officially bids farewell to SMS Tan Chuan-Jin. While in MND, he helped me tremendously in several areas, particularly in green and blue issues, animal welfare and construction manpower matters. Many MND projects benefited from his inputs and insights. He made great efforts to reach out to relevant stakeholders. He walked, jogged, cycled, dived, and of course Facebooked, to build up a strong and productive relationship between MND and the interested NGOs.

The Rail Corridor, Bukit Brown, animal welfare and biodiversity conservation issues, and many other projects benefited from his suggestions and feedback.

MOS Desmond Lee will take over some of this portfolio as ex-officio, but Ag Minister Tan Chuan-Jin will continue as our unofficial point person with these NGOs. He feels passionately for these causes, and we too.

As he leaves MND to focus on MOM, our partnership will continue and our common aspiration to raise construction industry productivity will see our paths crossing often, I am sure.



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