Attracting the young to build our future Singapore

Attracting the young to build our future Singapore

Designing and building with BIM and PPVC technologiesOur built environment industry is transforming. We are building more green buildings, and retrofitting existing ones to save on energy. To raise productivity, we are also adopting technologies such as Building Information Modelling (BIM), and prefabricated and prefinished volumetric construction (PPVC). Another welcome change is that more ladies are joining the industry.

To quicken the pace of transformation, we continue to invest in manpower development and capability building for the industry. This afternoon, the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) and 45 companies presented 166 scholarships at the BCA-Industry Built Environment Scholarship Award Ceremony 2013.

When they graduate and join the industry, these youths will help to shape Singapore’s landscape. Their architectural and engineering designs will impact the way we live and move around.

Koe Choon Wei and Hazel yapKoe Choon Wei is one. He will be pursuing a Bachelor Degree in Project and Facilities Management at the National University of Singapore. Because Choon Wei cares about sustainable and green buildings, he has learnt BIM on his own, as well as participating in BIM competitions. He is the kind of talent we need to help push the industry forward.

The ladies too, have done well. Over the last four years, their number has increased significantly. In 2010, only one in four award recipients were females. Today, this has doubled and females took up almost half the awards.

We also hope that more off-site prefabrication and the greater use of IT, 3D design and simulation tools such as BIM will make the construction site a more conducive working environment to attract more locals to join the industry.

Ms Hazel Yap, another scholarship recipient, developed a strong interest in building structures during her course at Singapore Polytechnic. Inspired, she has chosen to be a civil and structural engineer.

Many companies are joining forces with BCA to attract more local talent into the industry. BCA’s full suite of seven “ships” comprises scholarship and sponsorship programmes at the university, polytechnic and ITE levels, and the apprenticeship programme.

Please step forward to create our future Singapore.

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