Craning Up Construction Productivity

Craning Up Construction Productivity

Recently, I posted a blog on (a) the important role played by crane operators to up our construction productivity, and (b) the need for more Singaporean crane operators. I added that it could be a meaningful career for some Singaporeans to consider. I highlighted how the BCA Crane Apprenticeship Programme (CAP) could help interested Singaporeans making such a career switch.

Our media friends helped to promote the blog’s message, and I am happy to report the effectiveness of this “promotion”.

First, BCA received an overwhelming 1,200 enquiries from Singaporeans eager to know more about the CAP, career progression and the remuneration package. Due to the good response, registration for the CAP has closed for this year. The next application window will open in January 2014.

Second, more than 50 local companies have registered their interest to participate in the CAP.

Third, the companies have offered some 100 job vacancies for all three types of crane operation: crawler, mobile and tower cranes. One such employer is Mr Kenneth Loo, Executive Director of the Straits Construction Singapore Pte Ltd. He is actively recruiting new local crane operators. He currently employs 28 full-time crane operators – all locals.

If you have a crane operator licence and are still looking for an employer, you can approach BCA to help match you with the right employer, just like what Mr Raymond Lim did after reading the blog. Raymond wrote to me to share his joy after successfully landing a job as a crawler crane operator. BCA had assisted him by arranging for interviews with potential employers and had prepped and encouraged him along the way.

BCA is also stepping up more training classes through the BCA Academy. The BCA Academy employs the latest technology to ensure that our crane operators receive the best training.

One such example is the use of a crane simulator to complement hands-on practical training Similar to flight simulation training for pilots in the aviation industry, the crane simulation training better prepares CAP trainees for a broader range of situations.

In view of the increased demand, BCA is talking to industry firms so that there are more training providers who can set up additional training facilities.

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