Protecting Animal Welfare


Last year, I asked MP Yeo Guat Kwang to chair an Animal Welfare Legislation Review Committee.  Like me, he felt that we should do more to protect the welfare of animals.  More Singaporeans are having animals as pets which give them plenty of joy and companionship.  Unfortunately, there are still the occasional incidents of animal abuse, neglect and sheer irresponsibility.

My instinct is that our law may need to be updated   but this is an area which the Government alone cannot deliver a good outcome.  Fortunately, there are many good-hearted people out there with a heavy dose of passion, compassion and expertise, who are most willing to help us move forward on this subject.


Mr Yeo assembled a great team of animal welfare activists, experts, community leaders, MPs and industry players and quickly went to work, dived into research, talked to people young and old, checked with the industry and carried out dialogues. This is the first time we have had such a multi-stakeholder committee working together on animal welfare legislation and collaboration.

This afternoon, they proudly handed in to MND their Report of recommendations. It is the effort of one whole year of hard work.

I am grateful to Mr Yeo and all his Committee members for their efforts in reviewing a complex and emotive subject such as animal welfare. It must have been a challenge for them trying to achieve consensus.

I look forward to reading their Report.  MND will carefully study the Committee’s recommendations and see how we can collectively raise the bar for animal welfare in Singapore.

On behalf of the animals, I thank them!


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