Data Looks Reassuring

Applications for our bumper launch of 8,000 new HDB flats will close tonight. About 26,000 applications were received (as at 5pm today).

The application rates suggest that our policies are responding well to the diverse needs of our flat buyers:

First, first-timers continue to enjoy a high chance of securing their first flat.

  • More flats in mature estates were offered to help newlyweds stay near their parents. Despite the popularity of these flats, overall first-timer application rates for the BTO and SBF flats remain at 2.1 and 1.9 respectively. At these application rates, most first-timer applicants will have a good chance of selecting their flats.
  • In non-mature estates, the first-timer application rate of 1.8 for BTO flats is even more reassuring.  Those who applied for these BTO flats are almost assured of a flat, even though we have tripled the chances of second-timers.

Second, more second-timers will be able to select a flat.

  • With the tripling of the BTO quota for second-timers in non-mature estates, their application rate has dropped from 20.7 in Jan 12 BTO exercise to a single digit level of 6.7 in this exercise.

Third, many applicants have made use of the priority schemes which enable married children and parents to stay close to each other.

  • 30% of applications were made under the Married Child Priority Scheme (MCPS) to stay near their parents/married children. This is higher than the usual proportion of about 20%. Of these, 2% will enjoy the enhanced ballot chances for living together with their parents/married children.
  • 8 pairs of parents and their married children applied under the Multi Generation Priority Scheme for the BTO flats in Bedok. This is a good start for the new scheme to help married children live within the same precinct as their parents for mutual care and support.

Fourth, the elderly responded well to the supply of studio apartments (SA) and the Ageing-in-Place Priority Scheme (APPS) to right-size and age in a familiar environment.

  • The application rates for Golden Kismis (Bukit Timah) and Golden Clover (Toa Payoh) were 1.6 and 2.3 respectively.
  • One-third of SA applications were from elderly already staying in the estate, or moving to stay near their children in the same estate. They will enjoy priority under the APPS and MCPS. We will build more SAs, including in the mature estates, to facilitate the elderly to age in a familiar environment or live near their children.

Overall, application data to the bumper launch has been reassuring.  We will continue to calibrate our rules to help as many buyers as possible.

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