Eat Less, Move More

Last week, a friend forwarded an email from a 60-year Singaporean on the use of HDB stairs for exercise:

I discovered an obvious exercise in Singapore — walking up flights of staircases!

80 per cent of Singaporeans can do it every day, since they live in HDB.

This morning, I walked up all 11 floors of my block. Taking two steps at a time, it took me 2.30 mins to reach the top floor. Then I walked round the common corridor on the 10th floor to cool down. Then I walked down to the ground floor. One cycle takes about six minutes. Do it 4-5 times, and you get a good workout.

We should promote this. No need to join gyms. Save money.

Yes, indeed.

After my heart bypass and while in SGH, my physiotherapist started me on some light exercise using the SGH stairs, beginning with one level, and gradually progressing to three, before discharging me home.

Last year, I remember watching a Youtube clip on how the Swedes encourage their people to use the stairs:

And apparently, it worked.

The friend suggested that we could try something similar – and also tune to different beats for different effects – one day gamelan, another day Thai music, and another, hip-hop?

That should be fun – nudging people to exercise and in a fun way.

Let’s eat less and move more, and include the HDB stairs as one way to promote healthy exercise.  Anyone?

But of course, know your limits and don’t over-exert yourself.

If you have other fun ideas to exercise, do share them on MND Facebook.


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