Very Sweet of You!

It is heart-warming reading your birthday greetings. Thank you!

I am now 59 and it has been an eventful year, with GE followed by a change of portfolio.

7 months in MND have been hectic but meaningful. Plans to build many new HDB flats have been launched. BTO prices have been stabilised. Newlywed first-timers’ backlog has been largely cleared. Additional 2,000 families have got their HDB rental flats.

All these efforts have culminated in the new measure (Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty) taking effect from today. It will further strengthen, stabilise and sustain our property market.

Over Christmas, I will have some time to think about how to help second-timers get their flats earlier, not forgetting those still on the waiting queue for a HDB rental flat. I am sure 2012 will be another hectic and eventful year.

I thank Singaporeans for their advice, suggestions, feedback and at times, sharp criticism. I know like me, you have the interest of Singapore and all Singaporeans at heart. We are different but we share a common dream, to make Singapore a successful place so that our families can live in peace and happiness. We have not done too badly, but we can always be better.

The Euro crisis is worrisome. Let’s hope the political leaders there will have the courage and wisdom to do what is right and prevent another global depression.

Merry Christmas in advance and a Happy New Year ahead.


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