Making Good Progress with First-timers

Since I joined MND, HDB has launched 16,000 new flats.  Excluding studio apartments, nearly 14,000 units were reserved for newlywed first-timers.

With this ramped up construction programme and priority in treatment, newlyweds now stand a very high chance of succeeding in BTO selection. 

The selection exercise for the September launch is still on-going.  But the earlier BTO launches are substantially completed.  Let me share the selection results for the July BTO launch, to illustrate the progress we are making in helping newlyweds succeed in BTO flat selection.  

The first table shows the percentage of applicants who were invited to select a flat.

Overall, 73% of newlywed first-timers who applied were successful in being invited to make a selection.   

I am quite sure the situation in the September launch will show further improvement. 

As before, not all those who were asked to select, did.  Many gave it a pass.  

The next table shows the percentage of applicants who selected a flat, as a proportion of those who were invited to select. 

As only 5% of new flats were reserved for second-timers, their success rate was low. 

After we have cleared most of the first-timer queue, we will tweak the balloting rules to enhance the chances for second-timers.  This should be towards the end of next year.  I seek their patience and understanding.

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